WIAC 2007 in Mannheim - Friedrichsfeld


Dear friends of archery

I would like to mention a few things which happened at the World Indoor Championships. Maybe the organizers from the DFBV were not pleased either. Surely all the helpers at the Championships were excellent und a big thanks to the Bogensportclub Seckenheim.

The point is, it is really hard to travel around the worl zu shoot the championships. In Germany they have obviously not the faintest notion about the rules at a championship or maybe they donít want to have it. Maybe they only want to change their rules in international ones.

If the DFBV differ like that from the international rules, I would like to know if they maybe want to establish their own world association, so they could produce evidence that the world can live without the Germans in IFAA.

I know it is a hard critisism but it is my opinion.

First we donít shoot at the WIAC IFAA A B C D arrows and draw then C D A B, only the DFBV shoots like that at their national championships and the targets are not be changed. Thatís for the german archer as well as for the international archers a big barrier.

The rules at the IFAA are:

The first 30 arrows are shooted always AB first to the targets below and BA to the targets above.

The change from below to above should be changend across.

There are different opinions about the breaks, but one should be enough, to change the targets.

My 2nd experience at the 2nd day. I usually shoot with headphones and was interrupted very rude from a referee who told me to put them down. The question is again if they shoot the national or the international rules. A world championship has to be shot the IFAA rules.

Iím asking each national association, which is a member of IFAA, to follow the IFAA rules. It doesnít make any sense to make the national rules different.

Joe Rohrer